Colli Piacentini: Almost ready for harvest

These pictures are about a few days ago, actually two weeks ago, but I was too lazy to commit myself in writing a post about it.. Anyway, Colli Piacentini, unknown to the majority of wine lovers, they are beautiful and not only that, the wines are intriguing and representing the territory at its best, matching local food and making people happy.. how can you ask for more..?

I have to repeat myself but Piacenza is a beautiful city too, unknown to the majority of tourists coming over to Italy and visiting big cities at summer time (..?..). In the area of Piacenza, Colli Piacentini can surprise you if you give it a chance. The area is famous for its fizzy wines, Ortrugo, Barbera, Bonarda, Gutturnio but not only, as it can count on Pinot Grigio, Gutturnio Riserva, Malvasia and some other varieties all very well worth for a visit to the amazing countryside, where the culture of food is still alive and the farmers’ recipes make you crave for these fizzy wines..

There is much to say about Colli Piacentini, but as this is not the time and place to do it, I leave you with few pictures of the grapes almost ready to be harvested and as we talk about Harvest, please go to youtube and listen as much as you can of the Neil Young’s Harvest album, he is just great and unbelievable. If you are brave enough, you can then switch to his Harvest Moon album..

Is he a wine lover? What do you think.. 😉

Ivano Martignetti, not harvesting, unfortunately..

By the way, this picture below is Ireland. What does it have to do with wine? Ireland has always something to do with everything: