Barco Reale

Ho sempre apprezzato il Carmignano, vino toscano poco conosciuto che soffre della notorieta’ VIP dei cugini famosi della regione: Chianti, Brunello, Nobile di Montepulciano, Morellino, maremmani e Supertuscans..


Ma nella zona del Carmignano, dove i Medici si trastullavano durante le loro vacanze, ci sono rossi di tutto rispetto e con un ottimo rapporto qualita’-prezzo, che di questi tempi non guasta..

Quello che molti non sanno e’ che il Carmignano racchiude un pezzo importante di storia del vino italiano. Infatti Cosimo III, granduca serenissimo (beato lui), per delimitare la zona di produzione del “Barco Reale” alle vigne situate all’interno dell’antica zona medicea del Carmignano, ha emesso nel 1716 un decreto, il 1′ in Italia, per regolare la produzione del vino.

Proprio quest’esigenza di delimitare attraverso una legge testimonia la qualita’ che storicamente hanno avuto questo vino e la zona di produzione del Carmignano, che fra l’altro consiglio a tutti per una bella visita! Si mangia benissimo, la gente e’ molto accogliente e ce la si tira di meno rispetto alle zone piu’ decantate.. 🙂

Comunque stasera si apre un Barco Reale della Tenuta di Capezzana del 2009, la cui etichetta racchiude gran parte delle informazioni che vi ho riportato.

P.S. La tecnologia si e’ vendicata di me.. non riesco a trovare le foto del mio viaggio da quelle parti.. continuerò a cercarle nei prossimi giorni, tra chiavette varie.. grrrr

Ah dimenticavo, i vitigni sono il Sangiovese, Cab S., Cab F. e Canaiolo. Da gustare con un bell’arrosto (in preparazione anche quello).

Bonne soiree a vous aussi.




Drinking wine and eating food are not just a mechanical operation you perform twice a day (or more), especially if you care about it, enjoy it, love it..

You come across a steak at the supermarket, it looks good, and you say why not..let’s try it! Same cooking process, but the one you bought from the butcher from Sicily was from another League.fair enough.. You talk over it for five minutes and it gets worse, nausea starts kicking your stomach and you think “No.. Why did I buy that steak..”, the Red Bolgheri was sooo good! I ruined it.. Yes!

I have nothing again supermarkets, or maybe yes, I do..

Easter Bolgheri

Everyone at Easter expects a surprise, coming out from a chocolate egg or elsewhere, it doesn’t matter.

Easter for me, this year, is going to be Bolgheri. I already know the place, but I’d like to be surprised anyway. May be the wines I will taste, the olive oil I am going to put on a slice of Tuscan bread.. or .. I don’t know. Let the journey take control, as usual, no tourist guides, wine books telling us where to go, it takes the adventure element away from me and I just can’t let it happen!

Of course I have some kind of plan in my mind, will share with you my thoughts on this promising weekend as soon as I am back.

Wish you all to get lost in some remote countryside and try by chance the most surprising wine you’ve ever tasted.. 🙂

Ivano Martignetti

If Wine becomes Inspiration..

..if wine becomes inspiration, don’t fight it, close your eyes and write down your feelings. Some folks are good with tasting notes, some others prefer telling stories through blog posts, pictures, videos.. lately I am writing songs, I have nothing to show yet, but I am working on it.

After a couple of months not writing on my blog I feel a bit guilty, especially looking at the number of people still visiting my blog every day.. What can I say? I still have projects on my mind and TrendyVino is going to explore new worlds and wines in spring/summer, I want to find out what’s going on in Asia, I got the feeling there’s a lot to tell and will definitely come back with some interesting stories.

My last findings? I have been in Austria for New Year’s Eve and I was impressed by Gruener Veltliner, a very mineral and elegant white (and I am a Red Wine Lover :))..

Sooo.. TrendyVino is still alive, just slower due to the new job, but making plans for the future!

Fly high, drink better.. 🙂