Vietnamese Siesta

A beautiful Country, so much to see and taste..

On this album I wanted to concentrate on people relaxing in the streets, sleeping on their scooters, trying to isolate themselves right at the heart of the city.. Impressive. It may look like laziness, but most of these guys wake up super-early in the morning and go to bed very late at night to put some food on the table for their families. Men and women, respect.Hope you’ll enjoy the view.

Bus Driver / Feet Hanging from the Window


Making the most out of a Scooter


The Noise doesn’t Exist!


How cool is that..?


Peace of Mind


Art and Relax


Thinking about Her


A Man and his Desk


Business Call


Lunch was Tough..




Same Siesta




Cocoon 2


No Stress..


Park Bench


Sleep Time is Now


Park Bench 2


Park Bench 3


Park Bench 4


Joint Siesta


Park Bench 5

Ivano Martignetti


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