If Wine becomes Inspiration..

..if wine becomes inspiration, don’t fight it, close your eyes and write down your feelings. Some folks are good with tasting notes, some others prefer telling stories through blog posts, pictures, videos.. lately I am writing songs, I have nothing to show yet, but I am working on it.

After a couple of months not writing on my blog I feel a bit guilty, especially looking at the number of people still visiting my blog every day.. What can I say? I still have projects on my mind and TrendyVino is going to explore new worlds and wines in spring/summer, I want to find out what’s going on in Asia, I got the feeling there’s a lot to tell and will definitely come back with some interesting stories.

My last findings? I have been in Austria for New Year’s Eve and I was impressed by Gruener Veltliner, a very mineral and elegant white (and I am a Red Wine Lover :))..

Sooo.. TrendyVino is still alive, just slower due to the new job, but making plans for the future!

Fly high, drink better.. 🙂



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