Lilac Wine

Lilac Wine by Ivano Martignetti

As many of you may have understood from the title, this is a post about a beautiful song. But, do you really know where it comes from, who wrote it, who was the first one singing it?

Well, I ask this question as I have been for years among the many people thinking that this was a Jeff Buckley song, then I discovered that there was a Nina Simone version of it, but the full truth still had to come.. Lilac Wine was originally written in 1950 by a composer named James Shelton. I tried on youtube but there are no videos of him performing this song, neither of Jope Foye who apparently was the first one singing it at the theatre..

Thanks to Wikipedia I also found out that Elkie Brooks in 1978 had a great success covering this song, therefore I went to look for it on youtube and found this version: Lilac Wine by Elkie Brooks.

Anyway, my favorite version remains the one performed by Jeff Buckley, but it’s nice to know where things come from.. ..Where does wine come from?



2 responses to “Lilac Wine

  1. I have heard all the versions of this song that I could fine. The version that stand out for me are by the fabulous Nina Simone and the powerfu singer Elkie Brooks. Elkie takes this song and gives it a beautiful sense of drama with her great vocal ability.

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